Calib Dallimore – Donation: £750

 Name: Calib Dallimore

Age: 14

Conditions: Epilepsy, Autistic Spectrum Disorder & Dyspraxia.

Calib has complex learning difficulties, he needs adult support to help him develop his communication and social interaction skills. He has a series of special educational needs and has also been diagnosed with epilepsy, autistic spectrum disorder & dyspraxia.

He is a lovely boy we first  in our charity shop. His mother Georgina is a single parent and is doing the very best for her son. She too, is registered disabled and is unable to walk without the aid of a walking stick, she also needs a carer.

We decided we would fully fund a 3 day trip to London for Calib, Georgina & carer Sandy. They had a wonderful time at Madam Tussauds, Harrods, The Science Museum and saw Stomp a West-end musical.

Calib has taken many photos and will be writing about his trip, we hope it was a well deserved break for everyone.


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