Elliot – Raised: £1113.01

Elliot is a six year old little boy with cerebral palsy and severe Haemophilia A.He’s just like any other six year old in many ways – he wants to be a pilot at the moment but the next best thing would be to be a pirate. Having cerebral palsy means that he can’t do all the things his friends and siblings do and he gets understandably frustrated as a result.
He has recently been assessed by a specialist team at Great Ormond Street Hospital and is considered to be a strong candidate for a potentially life changing operation called a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. This is a huge spinal procedure which aims to give him much more freedom of movement. In order to be in the best possible position to get the benefits he has already started an intensive program of ‘prehab’ with a physiotherapist.
We’re hoping that we’ll have enough funds to go ahead with the operation sometime mid 2014 but it’s no small undertaking.
Currently Elliot is doing preparatory physiotherapy at a cost of £6,300. The operation will cost £30,000 and after 4 weeks in hospital Elliot will come home to a physiotherapy rehab programme lasting two years and costing another £30,000.Elliot’s friends and family have already started fundraising but we can’t reach the target of £66,300. without extra help.

We know there’s a lot of work ahead but it’s all going to be worth it so let Elliot know you’re right behind him –  please donate now or get involved by organising your own fundraising event.

Here is a breakdown of costs and timelines:

Pre-surgery strengthening physiotherapy (pre-hab!) October to May 2014: £6,300
SDR operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital Mid 2014: £30,000
Physiotherapy re-hab for two years after the operation: approx £30,000TOTAL: approx £66,300
Pre-hab and re-hab physiotherapy will be incredibly intensive for Elliot. It is vital to the success of the surgery but is totally unaffordable for Elliot’s family.
For more information about the physiotherapy required, please visit this website.

Why is the funding needed?

Great Ormond Street Hospital is considering Elliot for the SDR Operation. If they confirm that Elliot is a suitable candidate by Christmas, it will happen mid 2014. Great Ormond Street can carry out the operation but the NHS cannot pay for it under current guidelines. Many people are campaigning to change this, but it is very unlikely that this would be in time to make a difference for Elliot.
Elliot’s family have just found out that fraudsters have been using their son’s details and photos to fraudulently raise money which they have no intention of donating. They collected approximately $500 so we replaced this with a donation of £500 & the £101 raised by the Pokesdown Traders Association & £12 from the carol concert donated by Pokedown Forum.
We now need to raise more money. The fundraising has reached an amazing £20,000 but they still need £40,000 to pay for this operation and the intensive physiotherapy.
Jayne hann has decided that she will donate the money raised by shaving her head will go towards Elliot’s operation. (See fundraising events for details) Jayne raised £500 for elliot with her head shave.

Please visit Elliot’s Website for more info


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