James Turner – Donation: £862.00

James aged 3  has Cerebral Palsy and needed funding for a specialist trike to help him exercise and strengthen his limbs. James finds it extremely difficult to move his limbs, he is only able to sit independently for short periods and is unable to walk.

A specialist trike will not only help him exercise but will enable him to play more independently and give him the freedom, he currently doesn’t have, to participate in activities with his friends and family.

On his just giving page JustGiving.com/James-T £67 had been raised and we were happy to pay the balance of £820 and hope that little James will get his trike before Christmas.

We contacted Caudwell Children (charity reg: 1079770 ) who were fundraising on behalf of James. They transform the lives of disabled children across the U.K. They act a a safety net for families who are unable to gain the help they need by providing families support services, equipment, treatment and therapies.

They like us give 100% of donations directly to the end user as their costs are covered by a kind benefactor.

We Have a meeting arranged with their regional family services co-ordinator and will definitely be working with this wonderful charity again in the future.

We will also be recommending that our families contact them for additional support.




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