Lexi takes first steps – Donation: £2011

Lexi is 3 and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy which affects both her arms and legs. She needed a specially designed walker to help her become mobile and we have been able to get it for her.

Lexi’s Kid walker arrived early, and with the help of her mum, Emma,
and manager Matt from Tesco Express, Fernside, we arranged to surprise
grandmother Teresa at work.
We met outside the store (with The Daily Echo photographer) and with
the help of her walker, Lexi managed to walk into the store. Her
grandmother had never seen her walk and burst into tears, which set us
all off.

A huge thank you to Teresa, who has tirelessly fundraised, to Lexi’s
family and friends and to the management,staff and customers of the
local Tesco Express’, for without you this would not be possible.
Lexi’s now has her kid walker and the difference it will make to her
life will be incredible but she still needs The Eye gaze system which
will help her to communicate, so please continue to donate via her just
giving page.

View Lexi’s Justgiving Page Here


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