Mary McBeth – Donated: £2000

Name: Mary McBeth

Age: 20

Condition: Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

Donation: £2000


Mary Mcbeth age 20 has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and desperately needs a new wheelchair which will cost approximately £10,000. Mary’s old wheelchair was made when she was 13 and she has obviously grown out of it. The chair was also moulded when her spine was curved and is now extremely uncomfortable for her. Mary can not feed or dress herself and is totally unable to walk. She has a wicked sense of a humour and a bubbly personality. She is studying photography at Treloars College in Hampshire.

We will be arranging many fund-raising events.We really need everyones help with getting Mary her new wheelchair as quickly as possible. We have donated £2000 towards this and will continue to fundraise until Mary reaches her target.


On the 14th December very kindly agreed to hold a fundraising event for Mary. This was a massive success and raised a total of  £579.47 which will go towards Mary’s wheelchair.  A huge thank you to all who supported this event and especially the fantastic team at the Branksome Railway Hotel.




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