Southbourne Children’s Centre – Donation: £1115

We had a great meeting with Maureen & Rachel at Southbourne Children’s Centre, they too, support families with children under 5. We have purchased a variety of sensory equipment for children with special needs at a cost of over £1000. Maureen explained that this equipment will provide new experiences for children with special needs as it enables them the time to explore in a safe environment. It stimulates the senses supporting cognitive development, fine motor skills & interaction. It provides the brain with essential experiences and can also have a calming effect.

We want to be able to offer Rachel and her team continued support and have asked them to refer families with disabled children directly to us.

The New equipment arrived and we delivered it personally, we went to visit them (20-11-13 ) and are pleased to report that the equipment is doing exactly what Maureen had intended.

Southbourne childrens Centre

Message from Maureen O’connor- Children’s Centre worker and SENCo.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your kind donation of sensory equipment, it has really enhanced the SEN Group and the children have gained lots of new development opportunities from the more specialist equipment.It has given our familes new ideas on how to support their child’s learning. So on behalf of all our families and staff here at the Children’s Centre a big thank you.



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