Tanith Cooper – Donation: £355

Name: Tanith

Age: 5

Condition: Mowat-Wilson Syndrome

Donation: £355.00





Tanith has been diagnosed with Mowat-Wilson syndrome which is a very rare condition. ( approx. 200 people in the world) she is small for her age and has significant learning difficulties related to her medical condition. A scan has identified a disorder in brain development relation to the corpus callosum, Tanith has very little speech and is reliant on a walking frame, wheelchair and adult support. She has a very limited ability to communicate, has visual difficulties and severe learning difficulties.

We met this beautiful little girl and her mum Catherine in our charity shop, she told us she wanted to attend Camp Amazing in Poole on 26th July 13. This is a camp for children with complex difficulties and their families, where they can all enjoy a weekend with families in similar situations.

We were able to supply Tanith and her family with a 6 man tent, sleeping bags, air beds and spending money, and despite the dreadful weather  they had an amazing time. By buying the camping equipment we can ensure that the family can enjoy further family holidays.


A message from Catherine ” Taniths Mum “

The Dorset Children’s Foundation has been brilliant for helping Tanith realise some of her ongoing dreams and assisting with equipment to help her, they also provide time friendship and understanding for me.

Tanith at Camp Amazing

Updated 20th NOV: Tanith’s Trip to London Zoo

Tanith is 6 on  the 2nd of December and we have funded a trip to  London Zoo where she will meet Santa and real life Reindeer.

Happy Birthday Tanith




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