We finally managed to support Caudwell Children with a donation of £1500.00 towards physiotherapy for Amy Joy. This will prevent her from becoming a full time wheelchair user.

Sebastian's chair arrived and the whole family have been able to go on walks together. These are things that we take for granted but for Sebastian and his family were really special. The chair cost £1955.00.

Cody's wheelchair also arrived at a cost of £1550 and as with Sebastian it has given him so much more independence and confidence. Cody has not been very well so we wish him a speedy recovery.

Callum is 17 and has cerebral palsy , he was also born with club feet which cause him a great deal of pain. We were contacted by Dorset Orthopedics who were able to supply him with special foot supports that would really help him support his limbs and dramatically reduce the pain he suffers on a daily basis. (SAFFO'S). These are not supplied by the NHS and we were more than happy to pay the £1500.00 required.

The money raised by our collectors enabled us to make a donation of £250.00 to both Brooke and Sam via their Just Giving Pages.

We received a letter asking for support from the world famous Bobath Centre in Wales. They needed funding for the specialist software needed for the eye gaze system they use in their therapy, over a three year period. We were delighted to fund this plus three IPads for use by their children. The total was £2115.00 but we would very much like to fund a block of therapy for one child per year. This will cost £4000.00 so please see our Just giving page.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.



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